AVP Assesment Services

It's easier than you think.
Singles, couples, children, or families.
Sessions are one hour long.

Welcome and thanks for being interested in Dr. Andrea V. Pellegrini’s psychological assessment Services. Dr. Pellegrini studied at **** university and has been practicing for ** years. Sessions are one hour long and may include behavioral therapy (talk therapy). Each person’s treatment will vary but no single therapist is right for everyone. Therapists use the same tools for their certifications. There are therapists that are, or seem, better than others. People’s personalities occasionally do not mesh well. Some people are not ready for therapy. Dr. Pellegrini may not be able to please everyone, try as she might. Bringing an insurance card is the only thing anyone needs. Besides that, Dr. Pellegrini will take care of everything needed for each person’s therapy. Being prepared will help to speed things along. Think of subjects to talk about. Begin making a list of notes of everything and how often they happen. Bringing a notepad/notebook and a pencil can help.

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